Lifesaving World Championships 2022

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By purchasing the Packages, you will be able to register to the Event and to the competitions. Please choose your category, indicating whether you belong to a National Team, Club Team or National Federation Delegates.
Please Note: if you belong to a Club Team, you must select the federation to which you are a member and then provide your Team name. If your Team name does not appear in the list, please click on the button below “Send Affiliation Request” which will be sent directly to ILS. You will be then contacted directly by ILS and, if your affiliation request is approved, you can return to this site and complete the purchase process.
Hotel accommodations are provided in 2 to 4 star hotels. The minimum stay period is 5 consecutive nights, with options for additional night there after.
For any assistance required, please contact the Accommodation Services Department at: info@orionskyglobal.com


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